Symmetry Launches Platform for Decentralized Crypto Funds on Solana

• Symmetry launches a platform for decentralized crypto indices and actively managed funds on Solana.
• The platform provides a one-stop solution for creating, managing, buying, and selling funds.
• It offers a wide range of opportunities for both fund managers and users.

Symmetry Launches Platform on Solana

Today marks a groundbreaking step for decentralized finance (DeFi) on the Solana blockchain as Symmetry launches its highly anticipated User Interface at Symmetry is an infrastructure layer built on Solana that enables users to create and manage funds with multiple tokens in order to reweigh, rebalance, and refilter them according to custom rules defined by the manager, or create a trustless Crypto Index with predefined rules.

Features of the Platform

The platform offers various features such as liquidity provisioning between indices and decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregators, public APIs for other DeFi projects to integrate Symmetry products seamlessly; allowing fund managers to create and manage funds with multiple tokens; allowing users to buy and sell funds created by other users or protocols; and creating their own actively managed funds or indices.

Benefits of the Platform

The platform provides several benefits such as offering an all-in-one solution for creating, managing, buying, and selling funds; providing fund managers opportunities to create new management strategies through multi-token liquidity pools; enabling users to customize their portfolios according to their needs; and creating liquidity through DEX aggregators.

How Does it Work?

Symmetry’s infrastructure allows users to trade any asset supported by Solana without relying on centralized exchanges. All transactions are handled directly on-chain without having to go through any middlemen or custodians which makes it much more secure than traditional finance systems. Additionally, Symmetry’s infrastructure also provides APIs that allow developers from other DeFi projects to easily integrate with its products so they can offer their own indices or actively managed funds without having to reinvent the wheel every time they want a new feature.


Symmetry’s platform provides an opportunity for both fund managers and users alike by offering them an efficient way of creating customized portfolios according to their specific needs while still providing security via its on-chain asset management infrastructure. This innovative platform is expected to revolutionize the way users manage their portfolios in the near future.

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