Optimism Soars Above $3 as BTC Choppy at $24K: Market Watch

• Optimism (OP) is soaring above $3 on Coinbase news, while Bitcoin is choppy at $24K.
• Most altcoins are in the red today, with Avalanche, VeChain, MATIC and Polkadot leading losses.
• Bitcoin attempted to break through $25K twice last week but was rejected both times.

Coinbase News Pushes Optimism (OP) Above $3

The recent Coinbase-Optimism news has propelled OP into being one of the best performers in the crypto market today. The price of OP has surged above $3 as a result of this news.

Bitcoin Choppy at $24K

Meanwhile, Bitcoin continues to be indecisive with its price performance and is unable to successfully pass the $24K mark so far. After experiencing a surge from $21,500 to over $25K in a day last week, it retraced by around $1,500 hours after that. It made two more attempts to break through 25K but was thwarted both times. However yesterday saw BTC rise up again to over 24500 before falling back down by about 1000 dollars due to some concerning news regarding certain account on Binance’s Australian branch.

Altcoins Posting Losses

Most altcoins are also slightly in the red today with Avalanche, VeChain, MATIC and Polkadot leading losses among them all.

BTC Attempts To Overcome 25K

Bitcoin attempted twice last week to overcome the 25000 mark without succeeding either time as mentioned before. The second rejection which occurred at the start of this working week saw BTC slipping back down to 23500 before bouncing off again soon after and spiking up again over 24500 yesterday only for it to fall once more due to news regarding certain accounts on Binance’s Australian branch .

Market Watch

The market watch for today shows that Optimism (OP) is soaring above 3$ on Coinbase news while Bitcoin remains choppy at 24000$. Most altcoins are also posting losses with Avalanche ,VeChain ,Matic and Polkadot leading these losses.

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