Käse selber machen


In our hands-on course you will learn everything you need to produce your own cheese!  We give you the know-how you need to produce cream-cheese, soft cheese and hard cheese. At the end of the course you will take home your own self made cheese.


if you are at least 6 People ask for a date


Käse machen lernen


together we produce a semi-hard cheese which you can take home in the end of the evening and ripen to your ideal taste


Käseseminar, käse selber machen


you will learn details about the ripening process, storage conditions, the ingredients of various types of cheese and take home recipies für cream- and soft cheese


Käseverkostung mit Wein


in the end of the evening we will enjoy a generous cheeseplatter with excellent wine


- production process of a semi-hard cheese

every participant scoops their own cheese (we use organic cow milk) and takes it home for ripening

-ripening and storage

what to consider when ripening the cheese, meaning of refining

- the production of various types of cheese

you will receive recipies for cream- and soft cheese

-cheese tasting with wine and chat in the end

-max 10 participants

- 99 €/person


We do send gift vouchers (valid for 1 year) for cheese making courses together with information flyers. Conditions and details for payment and participation here. If you already own a voucher and want to book a date, please send an email to info@kunstundkaese.de.


At our shop/seminarspace you can purchase equipment for cheese making such as lab-ferment, starter cultures and moulds.

voucher for cheese making course in berlin


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When purchasing a gift voucher,

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Also in case you buy 2 vouchers,

we need to know if it is for two persons

that come together or seperate.

We have a list of participants and will

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