David Marcus praises Bitcoin

In a tweet a few hours ago David Marcus, co-founder of Diem (formerly Libra), praised Bitcoin.

Marcus has been one of the faces behind the most important projects related to social and payments such as Facebook, Paypal and even Coinbase, and was then chosen by the Facebook team to manage the digital asset of Libra, which will now be called Diem.

Marcus‘ thoughts towards crypto and blockchain have always been positive and since last year he had a clear vision on the usefulness of blockchain in a traditional and costly system, allowing not only to make transactions faster but also to lower costs for financial institutions and consequently for users.

The purpose of the Diem project is precisely to create an internal payment system within the Facebook ecosystem so that everyone has a payment account associated with their social profile, along with some sort of stablecoin that they can spend.

David Marcus: Bitcoin in the spotlight

But today, as Marcus himself pointed out, it is not Diem/Libra that we are talking about in the newspapers, but Bitcoin, an asset that is now in the spotlight also thanks to its new all time high marked in these days.

Let’s not forget, in fact, that the traditional media usually talk about this asset, either when there is an evident crypto collapse, as happened during the crypto crash of last March, or during hype, like the record high occurred just a few days ago.

Surely it is undeniable that 2020 was not only the year of decentralized finance (DeFi), but also and above all of Bitcoin, not only because of the events mentioned above, but also because of the new halving this spring that actually halved the premiums for miners, and for which it was expected that the price of the asset would increase.

And indeed it did, and the increase was gradual but steady, until it broke several thresholds and then resulted in the current record high.


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