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Availability of Profit Builder

On the other hand, the Profit Builder website is only in English, which could considerably limit the number of its visitors and, in turn, its users. Indeed, a good trading service should be multilingual in order to multiply the number of possible users around the world.

Interface Similar to Trading Websites

An online platform should be original, which unfortunately is not the case with Profit Builder whose website is very similar to other trading robots. Indeed, it looks like a lesser clone of Bitcoin Trader, so similar are the two sites. Take a look at to see how similar they are.

However, it is to be commended that Profit Builder did not copy the presentation video from the homepage of its competitors and instead presented an illustration of the crypto-currency. However, the form inviting to be part of the community by joining the platform is there.

Finally, the Profit Builder homepage is rather text-heavy which can be quite off-putting for people allergic to reading. The developers should have given more space to images and prompts and referred the texts to the „About Us“ page of the website. It looks like they were trying hard to make visitors see something that doesn’t exist by putting so much text directly on the homepage.

Dishonest testimonials

Although Profit Builder claims on its website that the robot was designed by successful trading professionals, in our opinion it does not give enough information and details about the famous team. As a result, there is no way to verify or know who is behind the trading platform.

„We work with several third parties and may transfer your personal data not only to the company described on the website, but also to other third parties, including unaffiliated crypto-currency business partners, and transfer or disclose your personal data for their business or trade,“ Profit Builder states in the footer of its website.

Unfortunately once again, it fails to name the third parties and business partners in question. So the question arises, how can you trust a platform that creates opacity around its actual activities?

Service Unavailable in Many Countries

As mentioned above, Profit Builder is obviously not available for all countries. Indeed, unlike Bitcoin Trader which offers more than ten languages, Profit Builder offers a single English interface.

The availability of Profit Builder only in English is unfortunately not a good point for the trading robot. Indeed, although English is the second most spoken language in the world (after Chinese, by the way), trading enthusiasts from other countries would have liked to take advantage of it too. As a result, despite all the advantages that the platform could bring, many will prefer to turn to multilingual platforms.

In view of all these disadvantages that leave the user undecided about the reliability of the trading bot, we unfortunately cannot recommend the platform. Instead, we recommend a platform like Bitcoin Trader which is not only more reliable but also offers better guarantees.